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Times Up Card Game

Times Up Card Game

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Times Up Card Game

Product descriptionThe fast-paced party game of multiple personalities! Over 800 Famous People crammed into a little box! Now it's up to you to let them out... OK, the idea of this game is to race through the Deck of Fame and get your teammate(s) to guess who's on your card. Each team gets only 30 seconds per turn and the Deck passes from team to team until it's empty. Most cards collected wins the game. Sounds pretty fast and easy...? Ah, but there are three rounds and you've only made it through the first. Rounds Two and Three are played with the same Deck but place limits on what you can say and do. It's a bit more challenging... and absolutely hilarious. Time's UP! takes about a minute to learn and you'll end up laughing your head off. And then you'll want to play it again. And again. And... well you get the idea... Awards & Acknowledgements Dr. Toy Top 10 Game of the Year 2002 Chicago Tribune and the San Francisco Chronicle: one of the TOP 10 GAMES of the YEAR!! GAMES magazine: one of the Best Party games of 2001!! Awarded the MENSA Seal as one of the TOP 5 Games of 2000!! GAMES GAMES GAMES gives it 4 STARS!!!!!! Players: 4 or more players Recommended Age: 12 and UpFrom the ManufacturerTime's UP! is a fast-paced party game where it really is about "who you know." Movie stars, scientists, and fairy tale folk are just a few of over 800 characters that players will encounter in a game of Time?s Up! In Time?s Up!, teams compete to collect the most celebrity cards from the Deck of Fame. To collect a celebrity, players must get their teammates to name the famous people on their cards before the clock runs out and the deck is handed over to the next player. Hilariously entertaining, Time?s Up! rewards quick thinking and improvisation as players scramble to describe who?s on the cards.

Features of Times Up Card Game

The fast-paced party game of multiple personalities | Race through the Deck of Fame and get your teammate(s) to guess who's on your card | Most cards collected wins the game | A party game for teams of two or more players | Ages 12 and up

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