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Transformers: Unleashed Turnaround Optimus Prime Action Figure

Transformers: Unleashed Turnaround Optimus Prime Action Figure

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The legendary OPTIMUS PRIME character is unleashed in his full, awesome glory as the thunder of his metal feet and the searing roar of plasma cannons echoes through theaters worldwide. Live the action with this meticulously rendered, movie-accurate sculpture inspired by 3-D turnarounds pulled straight from the film. The most powerful robotic warriors in the universe are here, and ready for battle!For centuries, OPTIMUS PRIME has pursued MEGATRON across the cosmos. He searches tirelessly for the AllSpark, dreaming always of the day he returns home to CYBERTRON in triumph, to restore vitality to his world. For too long, he has waged war against the DECEPTICONS, their battles bathing distant worlds in fire. Finally, the AllSpark has been tracked here, to Earth, and it is here that the war must end. OPTIMUS PRIME will stop at nothing to see that it is so; that the DECEPTICONS are stopped once and for all, the Earth is protected, and CYBERTRON will once again rise to light and life and freedom.
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