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Action Phase Games Retreat to Darkmoor Board Game

Action Phase Games Retreat to Darkmoor Board Game

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Action Phase Games Retreat to Darkmoor Board Game

The foul forces of dark moor have amassed their legions to strike at the Capital city. Despite their well-laid machinations, something awaits them within the city walls: the realms legendary heroes, who have gathered to council the King. Failing to Siege the city, each overlords Minions must now retreat to dark moor lest they be captured worse. In retreat to dark moor!, 2-4 players assume the roles of dark overlords of the realm, each commanding an identical deck of Minions. Your goal: to successfully evade the legendary heroes and take refuge in the various locations of dark moor. Each Minion that manages to escape will Count toward control of a location, but beware of your so-called collaborators, as each Overlord also scores points for eliminating rival Minions!.

Features of Action Phase Games Retreat to Darkmoor Board Game

Unique theme where players act as a dark Lord who are trying to flee from the legendary heroes of the land Fun, tactical card game of manipulating Minions in Order with the goal of having more of your Minions left alive at the end of the game 30 minute play time 2-4 players
Warning Warning - California Proposition 65

This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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