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  • Sumo 39"
    Sumo 39"For those who love to see a short, fat rocket with slow lift-offs, the Sumo is it A big four inch diameter kit with impressive decals, the Sumo really stands outFeatures of Sumo 39" Parachute Recovery Maximum Altitude: 800 feet..
  • RMS Motor Case 24mm (24/60) by Aerotech
    RMS Motor Case 24mm (24/60) by AerotechIn order to get started with RMS, you must first purchase the reloadable motor hardware. This hardware can be used again and again; just purchase a new motor reloading kit for each flight. It consists of an aluminum casing, a rear threaded closure, and a forwar..
  • Aerotech Arreaux Model Rocket Kit
    Aerotech Arreaux Model Rocket KitAerotech Arreaux Model Rocket KitFeatures of Aerotech Arreaux Model Rocket Kit Parachute Recovery Maximum Altitude: 3150 feet..
  • Aerotech 89015 Astrobee-D Kit
    Features of Aerotech 89015 Astrobee-D Kit Dual Parachute Recovery Maximum Altitude: 1400 feet..
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