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Aqkilo Clown Masks Halloween Costume Party Latex Creepy Masks

Aqkilo Clown Masks Halloween Costume Party Latex Creepy Masks

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Aqkilo Clown Masks Halloween Costume Party Latex Creepy Masks

What is Aqkilo? ? We are a professional dressing mask manufacturer with multiple designers and a complete mask processing production line. ? Our masks are all handmade, so the size of the product may have an error of 0.3cm. When you are looking at a portrait or animal mask, you can see every stripe on the skin, even some spots. ? We are committed to providing customers with a reliable, safe and environmentally friendly product at a favorable price. We hope that customers can spend less money and enjoy more fun. Here are some tips to get the most enjoyment from our masks . ? Regarding the issue of smell the masks are made of 100% natural latex or polyurethane materials and environmentally friendly pigments. Since the product is sealed and packaged, the smell is difficult to dissipate, so after opening the package, you will smell a pungent smell. Dont worry, you can wash the mask with soap and the smell will dissipate soon. ?Regarding the deformation of the mask since the product will be folded during the packaging process, the mask may have creases. Dont worry, you can put some stuffing in and leave it for a while, the crease will disappear soon. If the crease cannot be recovered, please contact us and we are willing to help you or issue a full refund. ?Regarding the line of sight problem our product only has one size, it may not be suitable for everyone. If you find that the line of sight is poor after receiving the product, or the size is not suitable. It is recommended that you use tools to modify the mask, minor changes will not affect the structure of the product. We very much hope that customers can modify and doodle on the products. Because this kind of mask will look cool, and its only for you. Its unique???

Features of Aqkilo Clown Masks Halloween Costume Party Latex Creepy Masks

The raw materials of the product are natural latex and environmental friendly pigment. Through the pictures, we can see that the product lines and details are very lifelike. We have cleverly designed the sight opening and air vent, and the interior is spacious enough to wear without poor visibility or breathing difficulties. The packaging of the product is a paper box, so when it is opened, there will be a smell of latex, which may be deformed. Dont worry, wash the product with soap, the smell will dissipate soon, and the shape will recover after drying. After receiving the product, if you feel uncomfortable to wear, you can use tools to cut. You can also scribble on masks, wear wigs, and have a lot of ideas to explore. Perfect for a fun meme, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Carnival, Costume parties, tag party or simply for going to a night club. It is perfect for so many occasions. 100% Money Back Guarantee.If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied, you may return any item in its original condition for a full refund or exchange within 7 business days from delivery.
Warning Warning - California Proposition 65

This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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