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Roll Through The Ages: The Bronze Age - The Bronze Age

Roll Through The Ages: The Bronze Age - The Bronze Age

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Roll Through The Ages: The Bronze Age - The Bronze Age

Product DescriptionDesigner Matt Leacock (Pandemic) will have you building a thriving civilization - in under an hour! �collect goods, assign workers to build cities and erect monuments, advance your civilization through cultural and scientific developments, but don't forget to harvest enough food to feed your ever-growing population. This game is perfect for those who appreciate high-quality? components, medium-weight strategy and the chance to influence a society from the ground up. Grab those dice and roll through the ages in this popular, addictive and strategic civilization game!From the ManufacturerIn Roll Through the Ages, players roll seven special dice in order to collect workers and commodities to develop their civilization. Symbols on the dice represent workers, food, goods, money, and disaster. The goal of Roll Through the Ages is to score the most points by becoming the most advanced and prestigious civilization by acquiring cities, monuments, and developments while at the same time avoiding disasters. Each player starts with three cities and each city must be feed lest famine ensue which costs the player points. Players try to build up their infrastructure and build monuments that are worth more and more points. Once all monuments or developments are built by a player, points are counted and the civilization with the most wins. Build a thriving Bronze Age civilization in under an hour with Roll Through the Ages.

Features of Roll Through The Ages: The Bronze Age - The Bronze Age

For 1-4 players | 30-45 minute playing time | This game was a 2010 nominee for German game of the year (Spiel des Jahres) and won the best family game award in 2010 from games magazine!

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