Blood & Plunder

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  • Blood & Plunder: Spanish Lanceros Unit
    Blood & Plunder: Spanish Lanceros UnitBlood & Plunder: Spanish Lanceros Unit. FIRELOCK GAMES. These Spanish Lancers were elite fighters who adapted the use of European pole-arms to their dense Caribbean environment. Masters of ambushing and stealth, these guerilla units moved swiftly through any ter..
  • Blood & Plunder: Longboat Ship
    Blood & Plunder: Longboat ShipLongboat: These open boats where used primarily to move from ship to shore and back again. They where on occasion used in small fleets by Pirates and Privateers to take on larger ships as well.Contents1 - 6.5`x2.125 Plastic Resin Hull1 Game Card..
  • Blood & Plunder: French Buccaneer Commander
    Blood & Plunder: French Buccaneer CommanderBlood & Plunder: French French Buccaneer Commander. FIRELOCK GAMES. 1 28 mm unpainted lead free pewter miniatures..
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