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Brain Vessel Cargo Master Collection Gift Set

Brain Vessel Cargo Master Collection Gift Set

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Brain Vessel Cargo Master Collection Gift Set

The Master Collection Gift Set embraces the heart of all that is nautical. Featuring our custom-designed Master Collection Playing Card Set, which includes 4 decks of playing cards with the following themes: The Pirate Deck, Sea Creature Deck, Master Deck East and Master Deck West. Select playing cards illustrated by Jason Kreiger and co-produced with Douglas Koozer. These century inspired originals are uniquely crafted and present a myriad of fine nautical artistry. Gift set also includes the Master Collection custom die, and Master Collection Medallion with skull and crossbones on one side, and Brain Vessel Logo on the other. Finally, the set includes two genuine leather pouches, one die pouch, and one extra-large pouch with capacity for 4 decks of cards. Get a discount on the individual items by purchasing as a complete set. Brain Vessel Stickers also included. Brain Vessel is a Kickstarter launched brand.

Features of Brain Vessel Cargo Master Collection Gift Set

Master Collection Gift Set perfect for collectors and card enthusiasts alike Includes Brain Vessel Cargo Master Collection Playing Card Set - The 4 decks align to create an epic sea battle Custom 16mm 5/8" approx. marble finish die come in a pair. Brain Vessel logo replaces the one pip. Features A handsome 1 1/2 inch Master Collection medallion, cast in zinc with an antique bronze finish. Also includes two branded pouches (dice pouch and 4 deck pouch) as well as two Brain Vessel Stickers

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