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Dave Forrest Leatherbound Trick

Dave Forrest Leatherbound Trick

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Dave Forrest Leatherbound Trick

Leatherbound is an offbeat card to wallet concept that Dave has been toying with for years. Leatherbound introduces a new concept in card to wallet methodology. Learn the amazing secret behind the psychologically invisible gaff cards that sit innocently inside your wallet at all times, waiting to be called into action. Youll be able to end almost any of your card routines with an impossibly clean card to wallet kicker without palming and without the need for expensive magicians wallets. Every magician Dave has ever showed the Leatherbound concept to has been first fooled then blown away by the chameleon-esque nature of these diabolical gaff cards! Relying on a devilish combination of subtlety and stealth, these lo-tech gimmicks are guaranteed to make you smile! A few minutes of preparation then grab ANY wallet - Leatherbound is always ready to go! The Leatherbound DVD and download comprise a full 50 minutes of in depth tuition. The gaffs are discussed in great detail including several different ways of introducing them to the pack plus one awesome variation that utilizes a THIRD gaff! Each of the five killer routines are performed and then taught in full detail including all the moves, timing and subtleties. Leatherbound is a cool concept but youll get SO MUCH MORE from this product than just a card to wallet! EFFECTS: Basic Card to Wallet: The CORE Leatherbound concept - straight up! Paradox Card to Wallet: An interesting spin on the concept that cranks it up a notch! Trash Transpo: You show them a card in your wallet. It cleanly changes places with their signed card! Recorded Delivery: A mystery card, chosen and signed on the back by the spectator, somehow appears in your wallet! Think Twice: A
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This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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