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Five face frame / Frost / B5 (japan import)

Five face frame / Frost / B5 (japan import)

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Five face frame / Frost / B5 (japan import)

I am using a high purity acrylic 99% purity. I am proud of the high degree of transparency, there is almost no yellowing over time. Beautiful cut surface with advanced technology is a good point. You can decorate without choosing the shape, size and paper quality of the pictures and other works. I can respond at will, such as position, size, shape since the set of a thin sheet tacked sheet hard to easy! Deviation. It is domestic production goods beautiful cut surface advanced technology of 45 degrees with diamond cut is guaranteed. degree transparent parts under suspension of vertical and horizontal combination is high and is made of polycarbonate and strong strength and impact resistance and temperature change. nut transparent non-slip cap stand decorate substantially parallel to the wall.

Features of Five face frame / Frost / B5 (japan import)

body size: 182 x 257mm The main production country: Japan

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