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Hasegawa 1/200 BOEING 777 -200 ANA(All Nippon Airways)-Sale

Hasegawa 1/200 BOEING 777 -200 ANA(All Nippon Airways)-Sale

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Hasegawa 1/200 BOEING 777 -200 ANA(All Nippon Airways)-Sale

[The product details] b> B777 is twin-engine passenger aircraft of worlds largest. engine thrust 34000kg ~ 38000kg class Pratt & Poittoni PW4000, General Electric GE90, and 800 Rolls-Royce Trent is selected, the size of the the engine that he aims to B747, will be equipped with the thickness of engine I is comparable to the fuselage of the B737 is. The , is aircraft that employs a digital fly-by-wire as the first airliner of Boeing. However , control wheel is has been left in the same manner the conventional we reach the cockpit difference with the Airbus machine, difference its is has come out also to way of thinking against the flight possible area protection. operation is that while canceled pilot and attempts to exceed the flight area, warning steering wheel, such as heavy with the operation of the pilot attempts to exceed the flight area in B777 In Airbus aircraft and exits but it if you ignore, I can pass through for flyable region. The this, I can take also a manifestation of the will of the Boeing is to respect the decision of the pilot to the last. avionics of latest is equipped with to B777 also other, displays using the default (liquid crystal) Display LCD changes to CRT display that display was also used at any B747-400. Japan Airlines industry even if you participation development airframe, is to production, I has been producing in Japan more than 20% of the entire. also as a point that you want to special mention, it of creating airplanes user-friendly aviation company is a user from the development stage becomes together, B777 is ...

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