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  • Ideal Brain Benders
    Ideal Brain BendersIdeal Brian Benders is a mind-bending set of four 3D wooden puzzles that will keep you guessing. Solving these puzzles will test your knowledge, intelligence, capability, patience and ingenuity. Challenge yourself and friends by disassembling and re-assembling this brainteaser wit..
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  • Ideal Bowling Dice Game
    Ideal Bowling Dice GameNewFeatures of Ideal Bowling Dice Game Play 10 exciting frames of bowling Dice represent pins Scores just like real bowling Includes 10 bowling dice and a scorepad Recommended for children 8 years of age and older..
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  • Ideal Booby Trap Classic Wood Game
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  • Ideal Amaze N Marbles 60 Piece Classic Wood Construction Set
    Ideal Amaze N Marbles 60 Piece Classic Wood Construction SetIdeal Amaze ..
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  • Ideal 40-Trick Magic Show Kit
    Ideal 40-Trick Magic Show KitIdeal 40 Trick Magic Show Kit contains everything your little magician needs to put on a mysterious magic show! The tricks they..
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  • Harlequin - Where The Wolf Leads - 1000 Pieces Puzzle
    Harlequin - Where The Wolf Leads - 1000 Pieces PuzzleFrom the Manufacturer Harlequin is the global leader in romance book sales with 5.93 Billion books sold year to date. The Harlequin line of assorted puzzles features classic book covers in a collage style that creates puzzle zones and enhance..
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  • GIGGLE WIGGLE John Adams Ideal Game
    GIGGLE WIGGLE John Adams Ideal GameThe twisting, turning, race to the top game.! starting from the bottom, race to balance the coloured balls on giggle wiggles hands, as he twists and turns, dancing to the music. But be careful, if the balls fall, youll have to start again.Features of GIGGLE WIGGLE ..
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  • Adverteasing Board Game
    Adverteasing Board GameIf you are one to listen to radio commercials or keep the same channel on TV during a commercial break, then the Adverteasing Slogans Board Game is right up your alley. For those who remember lines from their favorite commercials or catch phrases seen in ads or on billboards, ..
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