Top 9 benefits of Lego for children

Top 9 benefits of Lego for children

We all would agree that Lego is probably the most popular and most loved toys of all. But, did we know the benefits that this toy provides to our children?

Here are the top 9 assets that Lego brings for our kids:  

Enhanced Motor skills

Motor skills are the movements of the muscles. When your two-year-old is playing Lego, observe her actions. She would press the Lego pieces against each other. She would try hard to fix one piece onto others. This proves to be a form of exercise for the toddler which improves her muscle strength.




Spatial reasoning

Well, we have to accept this. It takes some amount of efforts even for us to make that perfect house or the ship out of Lego pieces. A toddler has to think and scan through the sparse pieces to find the perfect fit. Understanding the count of holes and thinking of the suitable shape improves the overall spatial sense of the child.


Now, while you observe the actions of your toddler, you will notice that she is analyzing the pieces. She thinks about the goal structure in her mind and tries to developed her building accordingly. This makes her habitual to focusing on a task.  

Problem-solving and analytical thinking

Improving the problem solving and analytical thinking abilities of the child is the most obvious reason why we spend bucks for the Lego. The toddler struggles but it keeps him engaged till he achieves his goals. A piece is missing here? Okay, if I remove a block from the bottom, the structure will be balanced. It furnishes their ability to think logically and find solutions to the problems.





Persistence is nothing but adhering to the problem until it gets solved. That’s what Lego teaches our children!


She will build a tower and then she will realize that she has put a piece in the beginning by mistake. She will try to take it out without disturbing the structure but it wouldn’t be easy. She will try to dismantle the structure a bit to fix the issue. But when she does, the whole block from the bottom loses its structure. She decides to throw the stuff away. But then she understands that she has already done a lot of hard work to give up now.

Lego, no doubt, is a patience booster!

Planning skills

“I want the base of home to be red. Grass will be green and the roof - will make it blue!”, said the 5-year-old as he was building his Lego house. “No, momma! That is wrong! I have saved this piece for the chimney. I want a big chimney for my factory!”, exclaimed the toddler as she was building her Lego factory.


“Dad, Look! I made this car!”, said the toddler with excitement in his eyes. “Hey, well done!” the toddler ran to his room planning his new house.


Imagination and creativity

“Mom, guess what is this?” “Umm, is it a tree?” “No, mom! It’s a dancing alligator!” We never know what the children will come up with. Lego is building blocks of their imaginary world.

The possibilities of creations through logo pieces are endless so does the benefits of Lego.

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Posted On: February 05, 2019

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