Enhance Your Child's Mental Skills Using Building Blocks

Enhance Your Child's Mental Skills Using Building Blocks

Evolution might have changed everything we do in our lives - helping us to do better and stay updated. But it has undoubtedly not affected one of the primary children toy - Building Blocks. These have been around even before play-stations and other electronic games were invented. Initially, these toys were made from wood. Although now, they are available in plastic as well as other soft materials. And as we all know, Lego has revolutionized building blocks in a lot of ways.

Well, building blocks are not just one of the oldest toys for babies; they are also the most affordable and educational toys any parent can get for their baby. Besides, through this article, we are going to shed some light on how building toys & Lego toys play a crucial role in the mental development of babies.

Soft blocks come in various colours and produce sound when squeezed, help babies up to six months of age to understand the difference between colours and the sound. Since from the period of six months to one year, toddlers begin to have memories, playing with building blocks helps them to learn to associate the effect with cause. Then slowly, the next six months playing with building blocks help your little one learn to distinguish between the shapes and textures. With building blocks, you can give them a first-hand experience to learn these fundamental differences without any complicated games.

During one year to one and half years of age, your baby would have developed some skills - drive small motors, ability to find the hidden objects, reach for further objects and transfer them from one hand to another. During this stage, building blocks help your toddler to put similar things together, which consequently help his eye-hand coordination. The next six months, your baby would show signs of visual-spatial skills. During this stage, your baby can learn to stack the building blocks to form a tower. While learning to do so, your child can learn more about planning and using his imagination. Apart from this, playing with building blocks can also be your child’s introduction to counting and basic maths of addition and subtraction.

Building blocks surely help in growing the creativity of children; kids can easily manipulate the plastic accessories that accompany the blocks and create something unique. Once they learn how to join the two blocks, they can even build an entire town out of these plastic bricks. Investing in building blocks & lego toys can be fruitful in long-term as these bricks last longer helping toddlers around the world to enhance their creativity. As your baby grows, you can introduce plastic and wooden building blocks as well as present them with more complicated ones to heighten their logical thinking. Statistics have show than playing with building blocks has helped babies and toddlers to initiate games with their playmates as well as formulate something new on their own. Today, Lego toys are globally used, assisting children in widening their imagination. 

Posted On: May 20, 2019

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