How to Choose an Outdoor Playhouse

How to Choose an Outdoor Playhouse


Almost all the children dream of having a playhouse outside their homes. But many parents believe that playhouses are unnecessary and require a lot of care and maintenance. This couldn’t be more wrong. Playhouses make an excellent way of stimulating imagination in your child. Usually, playhouses combine make-believe games with physical activities such as sliding, crawling, and climbing. To enhance the fun, playhouses can be equipped with pools for kids to enjoy their bathing time.

However, playhouses don’t come cheap. The common ones cost a few hundred dollars while the luxurious ones can easily cost a thousand dollars. Thus, proper research must be done before purchasing a playhouse. We have collated a few pointers that you should consider before deciding on buying an outdoor playhouse:

Type Of Playhouse

You can either buy plastic or wooden playhouses. Usually, plastic ones are relatively less costly than wooden ones. You may find cheap wooden playhouses, but then you will have to weatherproof them for long-term usage. Wooden playhouses involve more work compared to their plastic counterparts. But a wooden playhouse gives you a more natural look - those high-end wooden playhouses can even look like real homes. But if you’re on a budget, plastic models are more affordable. They are easier to assemble and maintain too.

Size Of Playhouse

Measure the size of your backyard before buying a playhouse. If you have a smaller space, you will have to settle for a concise playhouse so that there is sufficient space for other things. Moreover, if you’re thinking of getting more outdoor toys, you will also require to reserve some space for them. Another factor is to consider whether you will set up the playhouse inside your house during cold winters. Many parents keep on moving the playhouse indoors and outdoors according to the seasons so that their children can enjoy playing with it the whole year around. If you also plan on taking the playhouse inside during colder months, it should be of appropriate size so that it nicely fits into your living room.

Playhouse Theme

Similar to your kid’s room decor, playhouses can be customized in various themes. Those who have a single child can either decorate the playhouse like a girl or a boy-oriented. But if you have both sons and daughters, you can go for a more gender-neutral theme. Such playhouses have a little of both the worlds. Many playhouses come with a climber or a swing set. If you buy them as a set, it will be less expensive than buying them separately. These extensions are compact and do not require much space - they enhance the fun of playing in the playhouse.

Your kids will love to have an outdoor playhouse with pools and bubbles. But the key is to pick the right model of the correct size. Toytooth offers you a range of playhouses in different themes and budgets. Visit our website and buy that perfect playhouse for your kid. 

Posted On: June 20, 2019

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