How to get your Child Excited about going Back to School

How to get your Child Excited about going Back to School

It will be back-to-school season soon, and the tornado of emotions would threaten your household - Yes, we're talking about your children. Almost all children struggle with back-to-school transitions. To help them cope with that and get excited about going back to school, here are a few methods you can get started with:

After School Dinner Date

Before the school starts, tell your child to choose a restaurant and take him there post the first day. You can utilize this opportunity to ask your tot all about their first day - what they learned, how their classmates were, what they think about their teacher, who they're sitting next to. You can also cook your kid's favorite meal at home. Or simply order pizza and set up an ice cream station, play some music, dance around and enjoy each other's company before it is bedtime.

Special Teat inside their Lunchbox

Your child might have already thrown a lot of tantrums before the first day. He/she might be upset and may start missing you, once you leave the school premises. One of the ways to make your child feel safe and happy is to write a small note and put it in their lunch box along with their beloved candy or treat. Imagine the excitement your younger one will have on opening the lunch box and seeing a note from their mum or dad!

Create a back-to-school countdown

One month before the school, create a string of paper rings and remove one each day leading up to the first day of school. These paper rings can have multiple activities written on them which you can do with your child - Go on a one-day trip, shop at Target, play with make-believe figures, plan a skit incorporating the first day of school theme. Try to include activities which will make your child get charged for the first day of school and on the first day, plan a big surprise to keep them motivated to go to school.

Back-to-school Gift

Giving a back-to-school gift is one of the most effective ways of getting your child interested in going to school. Whether it is an action figure of their favorite superhero or a giant-sized stuffed toy, wrap something up and give it to your kid after school. Tell them that a surprise will be waiting for them after school and have the gift set on the porch for them to see directly when they come from school. The smile on your kid's face will surely brighten his as well as your day alike.

All the above activities can surely help your kid get excited about school. Besides these, during the summer break, you can slowly train your child's mindset towards the positives of attending the school. Browse through our website toytooth.com and check out various arts & crafts toys, preschool toys, learning and educational toys for your younger one. We're sure you will find something to suit your kid's preference and budget. 

Posted On: July 29, 2019

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