Discover the Hidden Artist: Ways to Inspire Art & Craft Activities in Your Kids

Discover the Hidden Artist: Ways to Inspire Art & Craft Activities in Your Kids
You may not realize it while shouting on your kids for those color spilled clothes and soiled floor mats that result from their art and craft mess, but your kids are developing some important skills and life lessons. A craft project means an accumulation of glue, paint, craft papers, glitter, and wild imagination, which result in an accomplishment for those young kids and disastrous mess for the moms.

Children often paint their free imagination and feelings to their heart’s content through their creations. Let them foster creativity and at the same time, let them develop socially mentally, and emotionally.


5 ways you can inspire art and craft activities in your kids 

· Chart a creative corner at home.
Set up an art space at home where your kid can experiment freely without thinking of the mess. Let them explore their creativity without the fear of yelling from mom.
· Teach them what art means.
Teach your kids to understand what real art and ask them how they perceive art so that you can understand their psychology and why they draw things in a particular way. Ask them why they chose a particular color more and a particular color less and understand their reasoning.

· Let them explore freely.
Do not guide them or give them a direction to do things in a particular way. This will restrict their mental capabilities and they won’t come forward with their own innovative ideas. Rather ask them to take initiative on their own and experiment with colors.
· Appreciate your child's process.
Try to understand your child’s process and ask them to explain their drawing or craft to understand their inner psyche and thoughts in a better way.  When a child finishes a piece, appreciate them & don't suggest additions or changes.
· Gift them art and craft gifts.
Whenever the occasion comes, gift your kids with art and craft stuff such as colors, pencils, craft papers, etc. rather TEMPthan giving them expensive toys. This will boost their motor and cognitive skills and maybe they discover their hidden artists. Toytooth can be a nice destination for your art & craft hunt.
Give your child a chance to embrace his artistic side. If you want your child to learn things and develop skills, let them create art in their own way.

Posted On: December 04, 2018

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