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    YOUNG MAESTRO - Set 4Colorfully assorted easy to hold rhythm shakers designed so baby can see where the sounds are coming from! Better than your common rattle, baby can see where the high pitched metal sound comes from, why the hollow plastic clappers sound that way and how the beads make noise and ..
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  • Young Brix
    Young BrixNow young architects can enhance their creativity from an early age. Our soft, flexible and oversized brix are ideal for open ended and constructive play. Includes a plastic bucket for easy clean-up and storage. Young Brix can be played with their counterpart, Magic Brix. Featured:36 Piece..
    $24.41 $28.56
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  • Xylophone
    XylophoneA real xylophone, table styled, with colorful extruded aluminum keys which are accurately tuned before they are assembled, to play along with other instruments and recordings. Keys are marked with the associated notes, which chime clearly and loudly. Features scuff resistant legs and snap-i..
    $28.28 $33.09
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  • X-Stand
    X-StandWater & sand play made simple. Great for in-doors and outdoor play. Set includes stand and mesh drain shelf. Tub is sold separately. Stand Size: 22.5" x 19.5" 25.5"...
    $57.63 $67.43
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  • Wood-Like Soft Blocks - 80 Pc
    Wood-Like Soft Blocks - 80 PcYou'll think it wood until you pick it up! No splinters, no heavy, sharp wooden corners to worry about. 80 fun pieces of exponentially sized shapes (i.e.2 squares =1 rectangle) made of firm thick Edu-Foam..
    $34.46 $40.32
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    WATER WHIRLYStack'em, Twirl' the water flow! Four separate water toys that snap together and offer physical feedback while water runs through them (fountain, twirling and spinning objects). Size: 14" H x 3 1/2" round. Great for tub or pool...
    $18.75 $21.94
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  • Water Magic Cube
    Water Magic CubeClearly fascinating, our artful cube has 6 different strainers. Fill it, rotate and pour, then see the water stream into unexpected shapes. Wow! Hands, eyes and minds are engaged and bath time is more fun, thanks to a little science magicFeatured:Magic or Fun?|The Edushape Water Magi..
    $18.25 $21.35
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  • Try Angles
    Try AnglesWant to have some fun? Try angles. See how many ways they fit together, how many crazy shapes you can make. Stack them, balance them, interlock them. Kind of like puzzles, they make you think. Kind of arty, too. 20 pieces.Featured:Want to have some fun?|Shapes Fit Together|Stack them|Balan..
    $29.41 $34.41
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  • Trio Rattle Band
    Trio Rattle BandA Delightful music band for the young musician. Perfect colorful rattles designed to develop early music and rhythm skills while incorporating the finest and safest materials.Featured:Fine motor skills|Hand-Eye coordination|Auditory sensory development|Visual sensory development|Easy..
    $25.75 $30.13
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  • Travel Brix
    Travel BrixSoft and flexible nubby shapes which interlock with each other from practically every side. Includes a playboard for easy building...
    $19.75 $23.11
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  • Textured Blocks - 80 Pcs
    Textured Blocks - 80 PcsEdushape’s Textured Blocks have a distinctly textured front and back for youngsters’ fine motor skills development and adapts wellfor use with children with special needs. Make basic flat designs to trace or build more advanced 3D designs! Includes easy clean up..
    $33.70 $39.43
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  • Stackers 'N Nesters
    Stackers 'N NestersToddlers love sorting, stacking and discovering new forms. Keep them happy and busy with these colorful textured shapes. Fitting them together is lots of fun because there are so many variations. Every creation is a small puzzle to solve and enjoy.Featured:Helps develop tactile se..
    $29.08 $34.02
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  • Space Links
    Space LinksSmooth, Bright and fun to hold. Kids have sucha great time with these big chubby links. Make a chain, a house or a free form design. Pull them aoart and start over again. So many possibilities expand the imagination and reward young creative minds! Open-ended play for boys and girls for c..
    $25.75 $30.13
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  • Snoozy
    SnoozyHuggable, loveable Snoozy helps little ones feel secure and reduces bedtimes separation anxiety. Pleasant routines ease the shift from wake to sleep, and snuggling with Snoozy helps children feel comfortable about what to expect at the end of each day. Includes parent guide, detachable wraparo..
    $29.08 $34.02
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  • Snappy Sticks
    Snappy SticksSnappy Sticks create happy kids. Happy kids create endless designs with Snappy Sticks. The magic happens right before your eyes as these simple, colorful pieces transform into animals, buildings or abstract works of art. Imaginative hands-on fun for little ones!Featured:Fine motor skill..
    $23.25 $27.20
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