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  • Squishable / Mini Comfort Food Avocado Toast - 7"
    Squishable / Mini Comfort Food Avocado Toast - 7"Youre a hip person with a hip taste in breakfast foods! And youre way too get-up-and-go to have time for a full platter of the hip breakfast you deserve. Might I offer a Mini slice of Avocado Toast, on-the-go? Whether you have photo-worthy motivations..
  • Squishable / Mini Baby Owl - 7"
    Squishable / Mini Baby Owl - 7"Just like people, Owls aren..
  • Squishable / Mini Baby Corgi - 7"
    Squishable / Mini Baby Corgi - 7"Just when you thought Corgis couldnt get any more adorable with their little legs and adorable ears and floofy butts, in comes the Mini Baby Corgi! With even shorter legs and floppier ears! And also a floofy butt! Dont be fooled by their mini nugget forms, a pile of ..
  • Squishable / Comfort Food Watermelon 15" Plush
    Squishable / Comfort Food Watermelon 15" PlushFeeling hungry? How about thirsty? What about bored? If you answered yes to any of these three predicaments, allow me to suggest a slice of Watermelon! It feeds you! It dampens you! Its...a very interesting fruit! That cold, crunchy, candy pulpiness, tha..
  • Squishable / Comfort Food Pizza 15" Plush
    Squishable / Comfort Food Pizza 15" PlushDear pizza, when I celebrated My sixth birthday, You were there. Mostly smeared on my shirt, but you were there. When I was 19 and suffered through My first breakup, you were there, a hot and fresh solace. Then a lukewarm solace. Then a cold solace. But solac..
  • Squishable / Comfort Food Mini Pizza 8" Plush
    Squishable / Comfort Food Mini Pizza 8" PlushDough. Tomatoes. Cheese. A face. Three of these things are delicious to eat. One of these things MIGHT be delicious to eat, but doing so is not for the squeamish! It..
  • Squishable / Comfort Food Gingerbread Man 15" Plush
    Squishable / Comfort Food Gingerbread Man 15" PlushThe Gingerbread Man is renowned for his daring escapes! This fine specimen of yummicus gingericus can frequently be found fleeing famished families. Who can catch him? No one! Hes the Gingerbread Man! But what is the Gingerbread Man running towards?..
  • Squishable / Comfort Food Eggplant - 15"
    Squishable / Comfort Food Eggplant - 15"Eggplants dont look a lot like eggs, but perhaps back when this purple produce was first named, eggs were very different? Did giant, violet chickens roam the lands of Ancient Briton, bestowing farmers with plump, purple eggs that begged such comparisons? But n..
  • Squishable / Comfort Food Corn - 15"
    Squishable / Comfort Food Corn - 15"Corn! Its in everything! Did you know that the human body is made of 99% corn? Well, maybe thats a bit of an exaggeration, but from toothpaste, to eye shadow, to your favorite soda, corn really gets around. From new-world crop to global phenomenon, corn holds its ..
  • Squishable / Comfort Food Cinnamon Bun - 15"
    Features of Squishable / Comfort Food Cinnamon Bun - 15" 15 squishy inches. All new polyester fiber. Ages 3 years and up!..
  • Squishable / Comfort Food Carrot - 15"
    Squishable / Comfort Food Carrot - 15"Do carrots improve night vision? No! This conical taproot might help your Vitamin K and B6, but its nocturnal eye benefits have been slightly (completely) exaggerated. So where did this bizarre bit of tuber trivia come from? Well, during WW2, the eye/carrot conn..
  • Squishable / Comfort Food Burrito - 15"
    Squishable / Comfort Food Burrito - 15"Oh how far the Burrito has come! This tasty tortilla has gone from a simple swaddle sold by 1920S food carts into full-blown fast-casual phenomenon (sold by...Everyone!). and now, behold! The Burrito has evolved again! It has transformed from lunch into a fuzzy..
  • Squishable / Comfort Food Avocado Plush - 15"
    Squishable / Comfort Food Avocado Plush - 15"Avocados are extra! They are extra-satisfying when spread on a piece of toast! They make an extra-yummy dip for your chips! Theyre also extra-easy to tell when theyre ripe! This particular Avocado has extra-extra! Extra cuddles compared to your average av..
  • Squishable / Cactus Plush - 15"
    Squishable / Cactus Plush - 15"Would you like to hug a cactus? Not without a lot of practice! All those sharp and pointed pricklies, Wouldnt fail to stab and stick me! How Id love a Cactus gentle, Cuddly, soft, and sentimental, Ready for some friendly squeezing, Using spines that felt more pleasing!..
  • Squishable / Baby Unicorn Plush - 15"
    Squishable / Baby Unicorn Plush - 15"Squishable baby unicorn Plush 15", a perfect cuddly stuffed pet animal for young children and adults alike.Features of Squishable / Baby Unicorn Plush - 15" 15" Of cuddly stuffed unicorn A perfect stuffed pillow pet for animal lovers Cozy up or gift a child, teen..