Backyard Safari

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  • Telescoping Pocket Spyglass
    Telescoping Pocket SpyglassBring wildlife closer or survey the horizon, the 10 x 30mm optics of the Telescoping Pocket Spyglass lets you keep your distance yet still have that up close and personal view. Ages 5+.Features of Telescoping Pocket Spyglass Ages 5+. Satisfaction Ensured Design is stylish ..
  • Backyard Safari Mini Pop Up Habitat
    Backyard Safari Mini Pop Up HabitatBackyard Safari Mini Pop Up Habitat lets little ones collect beetles, chameleons, butterflies, lizards and more! The small size and carabiner makes it easy to carry on your exploration - just clip it onto your Cargo Vest or belt loop. When you spot an intriguing in..
  • Backyard Safari Mini Lantern Kids Outdoor Activity
    Backyard Safari Mini Lantern Kids Outdoor ActivityBackyard Safari Mini Lantern can be clipped, carried or hung! Field ready and within easy reach, it provides instant light. This water-resistant mini lantern features a bright LED bulb and has a sturdy carabiner clip that attaches right to your Backy..
  • Backyard Safari Field Binocs
    Backyard Safari Field BinocsBackyard Safari Field Binocs give little adventurers a closer view of nature! These kid-sized binoculars are standard issue for every outdoor enthusiast. The 5x30 power crystal-clear optics bring nature up close and in crisp detail. Adjustable, rugged and waterproof, thes..
  • Backyard Safari Covert Ops Camo Kit
    Backyard Safari Covert Ops Camo KitFrom the Manufacturer You..
  • Backyard Safari Campfire Glow Lantern
    Backyard Safari Campfire Glow LanternProduct Description The Backyard Safari Campfire Glow Lantern lights up your base camp with the bright white luminance. After a full day of exploring and adventuring, gather round the Campfire Lantern share stories, sing campy songs or tell scary tales. It a..
  • Backyard Safari Butterfly Habitat
    Backyard Safari Butterfly HabitatBackyard Safari Butterfly Habitat is a haven for fluttery finds! This butterfly environment is both lightweight and airy, so you can easily observe the beauty of all kinds of butterflies up close! The habitats collapsible frame expands to 15-inches and the easy-acces..
  • Backyard Safari 6-in-1 Field Tools
    Backyard Safari 6-in-1 Field ToolsBackyard Safari 6 in 1 Field Tools lets little ones shovel, brush, grab or probe. Whether gathering samples or excavating that dig site, up close or in hard to reach spaces, these sturdy tools will handle hundreds of field tasks. Clipped to your Cargo Vest, they sta..
  • Backyard Safari Watch
    Features of Backyard Safari Watch LCD watch keeps time and dateDart launcher with 2 darts, targeting site and red bug light and UV lightRequires 2 AG13/LR44 batteries which are includedIncludes a watch with gear, collectable patch and adventure guideRecommended for children 6 years of age and older..
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  • Backyard Safari Super Reach Grabber
    Backyard Safari Super Reach GrabberBackyard Safari Super Reach Grabber lets you snare live creatures and plants safely in the wild. This 26 inch long grabber features a locking claw with removable rubber pads on the end. The pads are gentle to the touch allowing you to collect critters without harmi..
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  • Backyard Safari Mini Bug Vac - Yellow
    Backyard Safari Mini Bug Vac - YellowGREAT GIFT FOR A YOUNG EXPLORER.Features of Backyard Safari Mini Bug Vac - Yellow VACUUM POWER SUCKS UP LIVE BUGS Built in magnifying glass in the capture capsule allows for closer inspection Completely harmless TRAP BUGS IN NOZZLE FOR A CLOSER LOOK..
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  • Backyard Safari Magnetic Bug Habitat
    Backyard Safari Magnetic Bug HabitatBackyard Safari Magnetic Bug Habitat is a critter microcosm! You have the power to control the bugs in your own little universe with this habitat! It features a water leaf dish for bugs and movable land terrain for interesting viewing of inhabitants in a life-like..
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  • Backyard Safari Hat
    Backyard Safari HatBackyard Safari Hat helps protect you from sun, wind and other environmental elements! Just like a real nature expert, your hat features an adjustable chin strap for just the right fit, durable canvas construction and a band with loops for extra gear. So don that hat, clip on your..
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  • Backyard Safari Critter Jar
    Backyard Safari Critter JarBackyard Safari Critter Jar is alight show for bugs! This jar features 5 specially designed light patterns thatblink and flash to attract all kinds of nighttime critters, including firefliesand lots of other nocturnal bugs. Push the signal on top of the jar to mimicthe sou..
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