Baccarat Crystal

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  • Baccarat Loving Doves Clear 2100916
    Baccarat Loving Doves Clear 2100916Their silhouettes interweave in concert with one another, creating an appealing symmetry. Designed by Claus Harttung for Baccarat, the grace and beauty of these two birds is evoked through the precision of the craftsmanship, from their slender bills to the detailin..
  • Baccarat Crystal Angel Raphael
    Baccarat Crystal Angel RaphaelBaccarat Crystal Raphael Angel. 4 3/8 inches high. List Price: $185.00Features of Baccarat Crystal Angel Raphael Baccarat Crystal Imported From France..
  • Baccarat Crystal Lucky Butterfly Gold
    Baccarat Crystal Lucky Butterfly GoldPoised to flutter off, the Baccarat crystal butterfly glints vibrantly with gold tones. The wings fan out grandly, echoing the shape characteristic of the Amazonian breed...
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