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  • Squishable Undercover Pug In Bat Plush
    Squishable Undercover Pug In Bat PlushHey, where did all my trick-or treating buddies go We turned left by that house that always has full sized candy bars, and then, poof Help me, Undercover Pug in Bat can you fly up there and let me know where they are Ill give you a treat Okay five treats. Alrig..
  • Squishable Undercover Kitty In Lion 7 Plush
    Squishable Undercover Kitty In Lion 7 PlushThis kitty may be small, but hes got big dreams Yes its true his ferocious roar sounds like an adorable meow. Yes, its true that his goal of hunting wild gazelles across the savanna usually amounts to hunting wild red laser pointer dots across the kitchen ..
  • Squishable Undercover Kitty In Giraffe Plush
    Squishable Undercover Kitty In Giraffe PlushDid you know that giraffes only need 30 minutes of sleep per day Its true Whereas kitties need about 16 hours of sleep a day But what about a kitty wearing a giraffe disguise Would she be inspired to pull a giraffe-ish allnighter Would she overcome the wi..
  • Squishable Squishable Jellyfish 15 Plush
    Squishable Squishable Jellyfish 15 PlushShow us who you are deep inside, little jellyfish That should be easy for you...youre made of translucent goop Oh wait, youre not made of goop Youre made of fur and fluff Which isnt known for its photoconductive properties Its cool, little Jellyfish, we love ..
  • Squishable Squishable Heart 15 Plush
    Squishable Squishable Heart 15 PlushLove is real It exists And it can be whatever love means to you Soft, floofyness Yes indeed Rom-coms Totally Horror flicks Sure, why not Horrific elder gods from the dawn of time Ummmokay Isnt love great..
  • Squishable Squishable Go Ambulance Plush
    Squishable Squishable Go Ambulance PlushWee woo Wee woo What an alarming, yet melodic tune, and so classic. Whats that you say, Squishable gO Ambulance Its not classic Youre trying an entirely new cutting-edge siren sound Ah yes, now I hear it - regular ambulances say Wee woo Wee woo Way to follow ..
  • Squishable Squishable Baphomet 15 Plush
    Squishable Squishable Baphomet 15 PlushWhoa, thats a huge summoning circle Who put that here where anyone could trip over it Oh Baphomet, I thought it might be you Summoning some fast food I see, eh I fully support your mystical culinary endeavors. Also can you please summon me two dozen cupcakes I..
  • Squishable Snugglemi Snacker Cherries 5 Plush
    Squishable Snugglemi Snacker Cherries 5 PlushIs it a coincidence that the word cherry sounds remarkably similar to the word cherish Let me find a dictionary and lets see One is Latin, and the other is...a misinterpretation of North French So, possibly cherish your cherries, folks, theyre etymologic..
  • Squishable Snugglemi Snacker Avocado 5 Plush
    Squishable Snugglemi Snacker Avocado 5 PlushI was in the middle of making breakfast when my friend, who for some reason was in my kitchen at 7am, asked me Whats that wooden ball in the center of avocado Reeling from shock, I immediately threw them out of my house. I mean, how does someone not know ..
  • Squishable Plague Doctor 15 Plush
    Squishable Plague Doctor 15 PlushWe originally intended for this to be a Halloween Squishable, but, well, here we are. When we posted our 7 version of this dude, the amount of traffic crashed our site. Then we spent 2 days fixing the site. Then you ordered a LOT of them. Then our site crashed again..
  • Squishable Mini Witch 7 Plush
    Squishable Mini Witch 7 PlushDouble, double toil and trouble Break out those cauldrons, familiars, spell books, and crystals, things are about to get spooky The Mini Squishable Witch is here to make all your magical dreams come true At least the dreams that are squishy. And round. and covered in fu..
  • Squishable Mini Squishable Wolf 7 Plush
    Squishable Mini Squishable Wolf 7 PlushHOWL The lone wolf calls at the moon Wait, being a lone wolf actually sucks. Lets make a pack Do you wanna be a part of it Start practicing your howls, building up your running stamina, and getting used to a fully carnivorous diet. We will be lone wolves no mo..
  • Squishable Mini Squishable Stegosaurus Plush
    Squishable Mini Squishable Stegosaurus PlushIm kind of feeling like a salad right now, but alas, Im missing a plate on which to put it Hey, Mini Stegosaurus, can I borrow one of yours Youve got plenty, right down your back Whats that You need those plates for self-defense and thermoregulation Dont ..
  • Squishable Mini Squishable Skeleton Avocado 7 Plush
    Squishable Mini Squishable Skeleton Avocado 7 PlushYoung Avocados, hard and unappealing, spend weeks prepping for their moment of edibility. Theyre waiting, waiting, waiti...and now theyre ripe And now theyre not. Its an ephemeral moment in the culinary spotlight, perhaps spread on toast or in some..
  • Squishable Mini Squishable Shadow Dragon 7 Plush
    Squishable Mini Squishable Shadow Dragon 7 PlushI feel like someone is watching me Hello Mini Squishable Shadow Dragon Were you hiding in my shadow Thank you so much I know youre a little shy so take your time trying to talk to people in the light. I know everyone will think your wings are super co..