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Squishable / Comfort Food Eggplant - 15"

Squishable / Comfort Food Eggplant - 15"

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Squishable / Comfort Food Eggplant - 15"

Eggplants dont look a lot like eggs, but perhaps back when this purple produce was first named, eggs were very different? Did giant, violet chickens roam the lands of Ancient Briton, bestowing farmers with plump, purple eggs that begged such comparisons? But no! The term, "eggplant," comes from a distant cousin of the eggplant that incidentally looked a heckuva lot like, yes, an egg! And the vagaries of time and bad language translation did the rest. So the next time a curious shopper asks you why an eggplant is so-named, you can either give them a long, historical explanation, or regal them with the tales of giant purple chickens! Your choice!

Features of Squishable / Comfort Food Eggplant - 15"

15 squishy inches. All new polyester fiber. Ages 3 and up.

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