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Tamagotchi Evatchi Kaworu Evangelion (Japanese Version) (88774)

Tamagotchi Evatchi Kaworu Evangelion (Japanese Version) (88774)

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Tamagotchi Evatchi Kaworu Evangelion (Japanese Version) (88774)

Activate EVATcHI and raise an Angel in a Evatchi Kaworu container Special governmental Agency NERV has developed the technology to apply retroversion on Angels, forcing them into their embryonic state to be raised in egg-shaped containers filled wtih LcL The egg-shaped armored containers are built to restrain Angel from its rampage and allow people to carry them outside of the organizations laboratory As a member of NERV, you have been assigned to raise the Angels using the Evatchi, and based on how you handle various events, the Angel will grow into various forms Attend to any instances of LcL corruption and break through all generated AT Fieldsl Japanese programming Ages 6+

Features of Tamagotchi Evatchi Kaworu Evangelion (Japanese Version) (88774)

Raise the Evangelion Angel from fetus to cocoon to 20 different types of Angels based on how you raise it through its various transformations give the Angel an S2Engine when it requires energy give the Angel Watermelon to keep it happy There are two games for simulation - Battle Training and Target Switch When the LcL is corrupt, you need to clean it The Angel will activate its AT Field when it kept unhappy for an extended period Ensure to keep your Angel happy, if not theres a higher chance of death if its AT field is kept active When the Angel is asleep, open the power transmission system screen to turn the power off comes with 1 purple Evatchi Kaworu Evangelion Tamagotchi which is on a chain to take with you everywhere
Warning Warning - California Proposition 65

This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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