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  • Set of 5 Glow in the Dark Zombie Finger Puppets Halloween Zombies
    Set of 5 Glow in the Dark Zombie Finger Puppets Halloween ZombiesExposed brains open wounds missing limbs... Ahh to be a zombie. Crafted from soft floppy rubber these 1-3/4" (4.4 cm) to 2" (5.1 cm) tall undead finger puppets are perfect for low budget puppet shows. Five different styles. Sixty in ea..
  • Mr. Bacons Big Adventure Board Game
    Mr. Bacons Big Adventure Board GameFrom the Manufacturer his is by far the most mouth-watering meatcentric board game ever created. As you move your bacon character along the path through Meatland youll have to navigate your way through areas like the Mustard Marsh, the Wiener Wasteland and the..
  • Finger Hands
    Finger HandsHey dude, did you ever wonder what it would look like if your fingers had tiny hands on the end as if they were arms? It..
  • Finger Feet (5 Total Finger Feet) Bulk [Assorted Colors]
    Finger Feet (5 Total Finger Feet) Bulk [Assorted Colors]Turn your finger into a leg with Finger Feet! Made of soft vinyl and 2" (5.1 cm) tall, these tiny tootsies are so irresistible you..
  • Dress-Up Shakespeare Says by Accoutrements
    Dress-Up Shakespeare Says by AccoutrementsFor more than 30 years Archie McPhee has been bringing strange and amazing things to the world. We design and manufacture the kinds of impractical items that make life better. If youd like to sell them, you can find our wholesale site here! Located in Seattl..
  • Dashboard Hula Girl with Green Skirt
    Dashboard Hula Girl with Green SkirtAll dashboards can be improved by the presence of this quality Dashboard Hula Girl. She sways her 5-1/4" (13.3 cm) tall body gracefully to and fro on springy hips under a silky tasseled "grass" skirt. Made of hard vinyl with adhesive base.Features of Dashboard Hul..
  • Crazy Monster Mirror Clings
    Crazy Monster Mirror ClingsThese crazy cling stickers allow you to see how you might look if you were some kind of mutant alien creature. Just stick some of these non-permanent cling stickers to your mirror, then stand back, close one eye and behold the bizarre monster staring back at you.Features o..
  • Crazy Cat Lady Game
    Crazy Cat Lady GameProduct DescriptionYou can never have too many cats! Or can you? In this exciting board game you attempt to collect more cats than your fellow competitors as you make your way around the board. Gain more cats by landing on spaces like "save a cat stuck in a tree" And "rescue Grump..
  • Accoutrements The Punching Nun Puppet ,13 inches ,Multi-colored
    Accoutrements The Punching Nun Puppet ,13 inches ,Multi-coloredThere..
  • Accoutrements Sunny The Blobfish - Novelty Toy- Squishy Toy
    Accoutrements Sunny The Blobfish - Novelty Toy- Squishy Toy"While it?s in the water, a blobfish looks like any other fish, but as soon as you take it out, it transforms into a cartoonishly sad human face. We sometimes sing a song about blobfish that goes something like, ?Blobfish, Blobfish, looks li..
  • Accoutrements Public Toilet Survival Kit
    Accoutrements Public Toilet Survival KitFrom the Manufacturer You never know when youre going to encounter a public toilet with some cleanliness issues, so make sure youre prepared with this Public Toilet Survival Kit. Each kit includes one toilet seat cover, two antiseptic wipes and one pair o..
  • Accoutrements Instant Audience
    Accoutrements Instant AudienceFrom the Manufacturer This 3-1/2" (8.9 cm) electronic Instant Audience noisemaker comes with four sounds - applause, crickets, rimshot and a booing audience. The perfect thing for an instant ego boost or giving effortless feedback to others. Plastic. Three LR44 bat..
  • Accoutrements Inflatable Turkey
    Accoutrements Inflatable TurkeyAccoutrements Inflatable Turkey..
  • Accoutrements Horse Head Mask
    Accoutrements Horse Head MaskProduct Description Weve discovered yet another universal truth - a person wearing a Horse Head Mask looks downright disturbing. But dont take our word for it, wear this latex mask with realistic fur mane to your next social function and watch as people scramble to ..
  • Accoutrements Glow in The Dark Finger Tentacle
    Accoutrements Glow in The Dark Finger TentacleNow you can transform your fingers into tentacles..