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    SQUISHABLE MICRO HAMBURGER 3"Seems like Americans are always offered hamburgers when they travel because the rest of the world thinks we eat burgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Lets own it! I Attach this fluffy little sandwich of Americana to your backpack! U-S-A! U-S-A! Micro Hamburger is a 3"..
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  • Squishable Fox / 15" Plush
    Squishable Fox / 15" PlushAn adult male fox is a Reynard, a female is a Vixen, and a group of foxes is called a skulk, an Earth, or a troop of foxes. All this just goes to show that people who make up labels are idiots, since none of these words even come close to the truth. A fox is awesome. A male..
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  • Squishable Chus Day Plush Toy by Neil Gaiman and Adam Rex, 7"
    Squishable Chus Day Plush Toy by Neil Gaiman and Adam Rex, 7"Chu is a little panda with a big sneeze! From Newbery Medal..
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  • Squishable / Undercover Kitty in Dragon - 7"
    Squishable / Undercover Kitty in Dragon - 7"The cat was worshiped in Ancient Egyption religion! The Dragon was revered in ancient Chinese folklore! If you could squish these two cultural creatures into one, how historically legendary would it be? Very! 7 squishy inches of Kitty agent with a complete..
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  • Squishable / Teal Pufferfish
    Squishable / Teal Pufferfish ..
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  • Squishable / Storm Cloud - 15"
    Squishable / Storm Cloud - 15"The storm is raging above your house! Thunder thunders! Lightning lightnings! Rain rains! But not to worry, youre warm and cozy, cuddled up under a comforter, sipping a mug of hot cocoa in front of a toasty fire! It might seem like this Storm Cloud would prefer to join ..
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  • Squishable / Stingray Plush - 15"
    Features of Squishable / Stingray Plush - 15" 15 squishy inches. All new polyester fiber. Ages 3 and up!..
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  • Squishable / Snuggly Snail Plush - 15"
    Squishable / Snuggly Snail Plush - 15"Dont eat your meal at your desk with nothing but a glowing screen for company! Come to the Slimy Supper Club! We garden snails prefer to eat together. Sylvia brought a casserole, Martin has the salad and Claudia made eclairs for dessert! If theres one fact were ..
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  • Squishable / Pug Plush - 15"
    Squishable / Pug Plush - 15"Pugs! Those bulging eyes! That wrinkly face! The curly tail! Surely theres some socio-cultural reason for why youre so ridiculously adorable? Im glad you asked! Bear with me here. The word tycoon comes, by way of Japan, from the Chinese word meaning "Great Prince"! Centur..
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  • Squishable / Prism Narwhal Plush - 15"
    Squishable / Prism Narwhal Plush - 15"Lets say youre driving through the Nevada desert with a friend on a long, strange trip. Everything is going great! Then you look over, and you realize that your trusty companion has become... Very, very different! Indeed, your friend has suddenly acquired layer ..
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  • Squishable / Plush Spotted Seal
    Squishable / Plush Spotted Seal ..
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  • Squishable / Pink Donut Plush - 15"
    Squishable / Pink Donut Plush - 15"Pink! Its a color, not a flavor! Or is it? Consider the icing on a Pink Donut. Is it strawberry? Raspberry? Cherry? Whatever reddish-hued fruit it represents, if you closed your eyes and took a bite, technically it should taste no different than "St. Patricks Day G..
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  • Squishable / Mini Puppycat Plush - 7"
    Squishable / Mini Puppycat Plush - 7"What sound does a PuppyCat make? A me-oof? A woo-ow? Its actually more like a "Waaa-waa-ooh-eee-waa-weee"! Youre gonna have to trust me on this one. No matter what sound PuppyCat makes, the fact is hes adorable! Nuff said. PuppyCat comes from Frederators Cartoon ..
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  • Squishable / Mini Plush Fox - 7"
    Squishable / Mini Plush Fox - 7"Yes, I think were all in agreement that a Fox is the best thing that could ever happen, right next to finding alien life on another planet and frozen Snickers bars. And following that logic, the smaller the Fox gets, the more concentrated its awesome will become! At a..
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  • Squishable / Mini Pink Kitty Plush - 7"
    Squishable / Mini Pink Kitty Plush - 7"Kittens and the Internet: they go together like Peanut butter and jelly! Need a picture for a LOL caption? Try a kitten! Need a furry friend to photograph in silly hats? Might I suggest a kitten! Something stuck in a hamster ball? Kitten! And keep in mind, This..
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