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  • Zometool Molecular Mania Science Kit
    Features of Zometool Molecular Mania Science Kit The building toy for kids and Nobel prize winners combine 4 elements to build the basic molecules of life colored balls represent atoms, struts represent bonds Zometool A art and science at play..
  • Zometool Ice Crystals and Stars Science Kit
    Zometool Ice Crystals and Stars Science KitFrom the Manufacturer Learn about the building blocks of snow ..
  • Zometool Green Lines
    Zometool Green LinesZometool Green Lines are designed to supplement the standard Blue, Yellow and Red lines in the Zometool System. They extend the possibilities of the system by adding 30 new possible directions to each connector. They are slightly more challenging to use because their design is di..
  • Zometool Crystallography
    Zometool CrystallographyCrystallography is the science that studies the atomic structure and related properties of materials and is at the forefront of advances in many fields of science. Zometools Crystallography kit allows you to build all 7 possible crystal system structures simultaneously or all..
  • Zometool Crazy Bubbles Kit
    Zometool Crazy Bubbles KitProduct Description Zometool Crazy Bubbles Kit gives all the fun of mind blowing bubbles. Square bubbles? Yesterdays news. Try cubic bubbles, pyramid-shaped bubbles or spiral ones. Tons of bubbly fun for the whole family. Perfect for rainy days, family gatherings or as..
  • Zometool Hyperdo Science Kit
    Zometool Hyperdo Science KitFrom the Manufacturer Grasping Hyperspace According to Einstein we live in a 4-Dimensional universe. String Theorists put it at 10 or more dimensions. What DO scientists mean when they talk about higher dimensions? A Hyperdo is the perfect tool to make the concept m..
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