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  • ZOOB RacerZ Fastback
    ZOOB RacerZ FastbackZOOB Fastback gears you up for a long journey! Build your favorite vehicle, then set it in motion--the pull-back motor propels the car up to 25-feet, without batteries. The kit includes 20 ZOOB pieces in unique racing colors, 1 pull-back motor, 4 wheels with tires that work like ..
  • ZOOB Galax-Z Z-Star Explorer
    ZOOB Galax-Z Z-Star ExplorerZOOB Galax-Z Z-Star Explorer lets you construct spacecraft to explore the universe! Classic ZOOB pieces in space worthy colors assure whatever you create will be sturdy and stand up to the vacuum of space! 2 Zoobonauts are included, ready to operate whatever you create. F..
  • ZOOB BuilderZ Glow Dinos
    ZOOB BuilderZ Glow DinosZOOB BuilderZ Glow Dinos is a giant set to build giant creatures! With 239 ZOOB pieces plus 11 glow-in-the-dark parts, and instructions you can build a ZOOBasaurus, a Z-Rex or more, and have everything you need to create your own stone-age pet! ZOOB is not like any other buil..
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