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  • QUIZMO Flip Starter Set
    QUIZMO Flip Starter SetFrom the Manufacturer The Quiz game with an electronic brain! QUIZMO is the fun, interactive, handheld quiz game that knows the answers to 693,135 questions. QUIZMO flashes its lights and beeps to tell players if their answers are right, and it keeps score too.Features of..
  • ZOOB RacerZ Fastback
    ZOOB RacerZ FastbackZOOB Fastback gears you up for a long journey! Build your favorite vehicle, then set it in motion--the pull-back motor propels the car up to 25-feet, without batteries. The kit includes 20 ZOOB pieces in unique racing colors, 1 pull-back motor, 4 wheels with tires that work like ..
  • ZOOB GALAX-Z Zoobotron Construction Set by Zoob
    ZOOB GALAX-Z Zoobotron Construction Set by Zoob409 Pieces to create the massive 34 inch tall Zoobotron;Unique ZOOB pieces form rotating joints and spinning axles for objects that move and articulate;Instructions for 4 robots including, a Cyber Droid, Zoobotron Jr, Cyber Guard and the Zoobotron, or c..
  • ZOOB Galax-Z Z-Star Explorer
    ZOOB Galax-Z Z-Star ExplorerZOOB Galax-Z Z-Star Explorer lets you construct spacecraft to explore the universe! Classic ZOOB pieces in space worthy colors assure whatever you create will be sturdy and stand up to the vacuum of space! 2 Zoobonauts are included, ready to operate whatever you create. F..
  • ZOOBDude Ranger by ZOOB
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  • ZOOBDude Fireman
    ZOOBDude FiremanProduct Description The ZOOB 0Z12001 ZOOBDude Fireman Moving Mind-Building Adventure Hero is a pre-assembled figure that kids can snap apart and rebuild again. Each ZOOBDude comes with its own working accessory! Kids can fill this firemans backpack with water, then squeeze to take ca..
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  • ZOOB RacerZ Dragster by ZOOB
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  • ZOOB Jr. Dump Truck by ZOOB
    ZOOB Jr. Dump Truck by ZOOB23 pieces with a real working dump truck bed;Award winning building set created for younger kids;Large, flexible pieces make bigger, easier creations;Includes 4 wheels, Working Dumper and Instruction cards that require no reading;Recommended for children 4 years of age and..
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  • ZOOB Jr. 15-Piece Modeling System
    ZOOB Jr. 15-Piece Modeling SystemProduct Description ZOOB Jr. 15 Piece Building Set contains 15 brightly colored, oversized pieces that makes a fantastic starter-set or a great source for extra parts in a larger project. Contains instructions to create 12 projects including a twirling top, a little..
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  • ZOOB BuilderZ Traveler by ZOOB
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  • ZOOB BuilderZ Glow Dinos
    ZOOB BuilderZ Glow DinosZOOB BuilderZ Glow Dinos is a giant set to build giant creatures! With 239 ZOOB pieces plus 11 glow-in-the-dark parts, and instructions you can build a ZOOBasaurus, a Z-Rex or more, and have everything you need to create your own stone-age pet! ZOOB is not like any other buil..
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